Crystal Belly Set 10 Pcs

Crystal Belly Set 10 Pcs

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  • 10 Pieces Crystal Pot Set
  • DIA :- 16cm, 18.5cm, 21cm, 23cm, 25.5cm
  • Made up with pure 99% food Grade Aluminum.
  • The product is manufactured under International Quality Standards.
  • Don’t overheat this cookware.
  • Keep it clean after use.
  • Use it for cooking only, Not as long time food storage box.
Rs. 12,143Rs. 8,500

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🔥 Crystal Belly Pot Set 10 Pieces | Cherrypot Cookware🔥

✨ Introducing the exquisite Crystal Pot Set - a 10-piece cookware collection that combines beauty and functionality. Crafted with precision using premium aluminum and stainless steel, each pot features a stunning metal finish. Experience exceptional heat distribution and cooking performance. From simmering soups to preparing delicious curries, these pots are designed to meet your culinary needs. With their durable construction and elegant design, they add a touch of elegance to any kitchen. Elevate your cooking experience with the Crystal Pot Set, perfectly tailored for Pakistani households. ⚡