Cherrypot Pressure Cookers

Cherrypot Cookware: Your Gateway to Excellence in Pressure Cooking

If you're on the hunt for the ultimate pressure cooker (پریشر ککر) in Pakistan small, medium size or large, or considering a thoughtful culinary gift, look no further than Cherrypot Cookware. We've revolutionized the world of Non-Stick Cookware and Pressure Cookers in Pakistan, making us the foremost choice for kitchen enthusiasts.

Cherrypot Cookware proudly carries the torch as the pioneering pressure cooker manufacturer in Pakistan, with an impressive 70-year legacy. We provide an unprecedented lifetime guarantee against pressure cooker mishaps, coupled with remarkable sealing and venting capabilities. The seal is so durable that we assure a lifetime rubber ring guarantee. Our commitment to safety and durability extends to our premium brass accessories, ensuring food-grade quality and extended product life.

What sets Cherrypot Pressure Cookers apart?

Being the very first to introduce the Pressure Cooker concept to Pakistan seven decades ago, we've honed the art of crafting top-notch, secure pressure cookers. Our pressure cookers are not only safe but also adept at preparing challenging culinary tasks like tenderizing meat cuts, simmering lentils, or crafting rich broths for pho in record time. Cleaning up is a breeze, too. The Bakelite Sturdy plastic handles remain cool to the touch, and the steam valve releases are effortless and secure, designed for one-handed operation. It's this attention to detail that makes Cherrypot Pressure Cookers the best choice for your kitchen.

About Pressure Cookers

Pressure cookers are sealed cooking vessels that use steam pressure to cook food quickly and efficiently. They lock in moisture, reduce cooking time, and enhance flavor while saving energy. Culinary alchemists, transforming tough into tender, flavors intensified, meals fast yet unforgettable. A kitchen's silent sorcerer. Overall, pressure cookers are a valuable kitchen tool that can save time, energy, and money while producing delicious and nutritious meals.

Pressure Cooker Manufacturer

Cherrypot Cookware is a leading Pakistani manufacturer of high-quality pressure cookers. With a commitment to innovation and safety, we've been serving the culinary needs of households across Pakistan for years. Our durable and efficient pressure cookers are trusted by chefs and home cooks alike, making cooking faster, easier, and more enjoyable. Experience the excellence of Cherrypot Cookware in every meal.


Using a pressure cooker can be a quick and efficient way to cook food, but it's important to follow safety measures to prevent accidents and ensure safe operation. Here are some safety measures when using a pressure cooker:

  1. Read the User Manual: Always start by reading the user manual that comes with your pressure cooker. Different models may have specific instructions and safety precautions.
  2. Check Seals and Valves: Before each use, inspect the rubber gasket (sealing ring) and pressure release valves for any damage or wear. Ensure they are in good condition to maintain a proper seal.
  3. Proper Assembly: Assemble the pressure cooker correctly, ensuring that the lid is securely locked onto the pot. Make sure the pressure release valves are in the correct positions.
  4. Use Adequate Liquid: Pressure cookers require a minimum amount of liquid to create steam and build pressure. Consult your manual for the recommended minimum liquid requirements for your specific cooker.
  5. Don't Overfill: Do not overfill the pressure cooker. Leave enough space for the food to expand during cooking, as excessive filling can cause clogs or food to block the pressure release valve.
  6. Adjust Heat Carefully: Use a burner that matches the size of your pressure cooker base. Avoid using a burner that is too large, as it can cause uneven heating and potential scorching.
  7. Monitor Cooking: Stay in the kitchen and keep an eye on the pressure cooker while it's cooking. Adjust the heat as necessary to maintain the desired pressure level.
  8. Release Pressure Safely: After cooking, follow the recommended pressure release method. There are two common methods:
    • Natural Release: Allow the pressure to drop naturally by turning off the heat and letting the cooker sit until the pressure indicator drops.
    • Quick Release: Carefully release pressure by using the pressure release valve or running the cooker under cold water. Use caution as hot steam will be released.
  9. Open Lid Safely: Open the lid only after all pressure has been released, and the pressure indicator has dropped. Do not force the lid open, as this can be dangerous.
  10. Use Oven Mitts or Pot Holders: The handles and body of the pressure cooker can get extremely hot. Always use oven mitts or pot holders when handling the cooker, especially when opening the lid.
  11. Clean and Maintain: Regularly clean all parts of your pressure cooker, including the gasket, valves, and safety mechanisms. Replace the gasket if it shows signs of wear.
  12. Replace Parts as Needed: If any parts become damaged or worn out, replace them with manufacturer-approved parts to ensure the cooker's continued safety.
  13. Keep Children and Pets Away: Ensure that children and pets are kept at a safe distance from the pressure cooker during use and while it's releasing pressure.

By following these safety measures, you can use a pressure cooker effectively and reduce the risk of accidents or injuries. Always prioritize safety when cooking with a pressure cooker.