Sparkle (Heavy) Pressure Cooker | 5 Liter - 13 Liter

Sparkle (Heavy) Pressure Cooker | 5 Liter - 13 Liter

Rs. 4,175 - Rs. 4,575

5 out of 5 stars

  • ✅ Competitive Price for 7 Litre Pressure Cooker
  • The product is manufactured under International Quality Standards.
  • Don't overheat this cookware.
  • Keep it clean after use.
  • Use it for cooking only, Not as long time food storage box.
  • Cherrypot is having the best pricing for Pressure cookers in Pakistan
Rs. 4,713Rs. 4,175

Additional details

A pressure cooker is an essential kitchen appliance that can make cooking faster and more convenient. In Pakistan, one of the popular brands of pressure cookers is Cherrypot. Cherrypot offers a wide range of pressure cookers that come in different sizes and materials, such as stainless steel and aluminum. They also feature safety mechanisms such as pressure regulators and safety valves to prevent accidents and ensure a smooth cooking experience. With Cherrypot pressure cookers, Pakistani households can cook their favorite meals in a fraction of the time, allowing them to save time and energy in the kitchen.


Our pressure cookers comes in various sizes and designs, catering to the diverse needs of consumers, equipped with safety features such as pressure indicators, safety valves, and locking systems to prevent accidents while cooking. Cherrypot pressure cookers are not only efficient in cooking but also help to retain the nutrients and flavors of the food. Hence, for people looking for an easy and fast way of cooking delicious meals, Cherrypot sale pressure cookers are a great investment for their kitchen. We assure you the best cost effective price for 10 liter pressure cooker here at cherrypot.