Metal Finish Cookware

About Metal Finish

Metal finish cookware refers to pots, pans, and other kitchen tools that have a shiny and smooth surface made from metals like stainless steel, aluminum, or copper. These types of cookware are popular for cooking because they heat up quickly and evenly, which helps in preparing delicious meals.

The metal finish on cookware is important because it makes the surfaces easy to clean and helps prevent food from sticking. When you cook with that cookware, the heat spreads out evenly across the surface, so your food cooks evenly without getting burned in some parts and undercooked in others.

Pakistani Cooking Pots

Here at Cherrypot, we have various types of cooking pots that are employed to create a diverse array of dishes. These include the iconic "karahi" or "kadai" for frying, the slow-cooking "handi" typically made of clay, the large "deg" or "degchi" for biryanis and stews, Pressure cookers for expediting cooking processes, the flat "tawa" for making flatbreads and grilling, the "tandoor" for baking bread and tandoori dishes, "deghcha" for slow cooking with heat retention, versatile "pateela" for boiling, simmering, and making gravies, the small "balti" for quick stir-frying, and the indispensable "saucepan" for sauces and gravies. These pots cater to a wide range of cooking needs and are chosen based on the specific dish and regional culinary traditions, with traditional materials like clay and cast iron still highly regarded for their flavor-enhancing properties in Pakistani cuisine.